Tentative Nuclear Royal Commission findings & submissions

The Nuclear Royal Commission announced its tentative findings on Monday 15 February and Commissioner Scarce spoke at the Adelaide Town Hall that night. There were lots of nuclear critics in attendance and many made their displeasure known both outside and inside the meeting.

The report is available here http://nuclearrc.sa.gov.au/tentative-findings/

Responses to the findings are being accepted until 18 March 2016 – details at the above link. You will need a coversheet but no JP signature this time.

A summary of the tentative findings by Dr Jim Green is found here Jim G Tentative Findings Feb 2016

The report was positive about expanding uranium mining and importing international high level waste, but said enrichment and nuclear power were not economic.

We are concerned that the dangers of importing the world’s nuclear waste are being ignored and we are skeptical of the exorbitant claims of how much money this would bring into SA and how many jobs would be created. The dump proposal includes a new deepwater port, rail and airport as well as an interim storage facility.