SA Parliament report released – enquiry into unconventional gas mining

FOE Adelaide’s Clean Futures Collective welcomes the decision by SA Parliament after completion of the 2 year enquiry into unconventional gas mining in the South East of SA (Mt Gambier region). Contact us if you would like a copy of the final report emailed to you.

From the media-release-fracking-report

“After two years of work, the Natural Resources Committee has concluded its inquiry into unconventional gas in the South East of South Australia and has made its final report available, Presiding Member Hon Steph Key MP announced.

“After review of all evidence and additional research, the committee has reached the position that social licence does not yet exist for the development of an unconventional gas industry in the South East,” said Ms Key. “This has been made starkly apparent by widespread opposition from the local community and it is the overarching finding of the inquiry.”

“This is not to say unconventional gas exploration and development should never occur in the region, but that in the committee’s view, obtaining social licence is a necessary precondition to such development occurring,” Ms Key said.

“Throughout the inquiry, all evidence the committee heard, both for and against unconventional gas development, has been in the context of myriad external forces including climate change considerations, production and export price, export demand, technological advances, renewable energy growth, and very notably, public opinion,” said Ms Key.”

FOE Adelaide recognises the extensive and important work of Lock the Gate’s SA representative and Agricultural Advocate Anne Daw in achieving this outcome.