SA network wants solar homes to pay $100/year more for grid

SA Power Networks (SAPN), which operates the poles and wires that deliver electricity to homes and businesses throughout the state, and is owned by ASX-listed Spark Infrastructure, says all consumers will receive price reductions in the coming year on their network costs.

But while most households will receive a discount of $188 a year on their network costs, and “vulnerable” homes a saving of $388 a year, the 175,000 solar households in the state will only receive a discount of $88 a year.

SAPN justifies this by saying that solar households still need as much power from the network at peak times as other users, even if they use less electricity from the grid during the day when the sun shines.

Attempts to penalize solar households have been already rebuffed in QLD and WA; it would be a shame if SA allowed this discrimination.

Nigel Morris of Slar Business systems outlines why this is misdirected in an article in the Climate Spectator.

Solar Citizens have initiated a petition to stop the discrimination against solar panel owners.

Solar Citizens is an independent community based organisation bringing together millions of solar owners and supporters to protect and grow solar in Australia.Since starting in May 2013, Solar Citizens has grown to over 60,000 supporters around the country, representing the more that 5 million solar owners in Australia and the millions more who wish to go solar.