Feds name Nuclear Ports

On August 2nd, David Noonan wrote:

The Federal gov. has named Whyalla or Port Pirie as a potential required Nuclear waste transport Port, to requisition for waste transit – on to either of the Kimba or Hawker nuclear dump sites under consideration
(Fed’s have now also named a new Eyre Peninsula commodities Port – if built, and even proposed Port Lincoln as a potential nuclear waste port to the Kimba sites if a dump were to go ahead there).
Please see a new two page Briefer  “Federal gov. names SA ports to impose nuclear waste shipments” – this one is written quoting the Hawker transport chapter released the other week. The Kimba sites transport chapters have similar quotes & issues. ( Briefer prints as a double sided A4 info hand out sheet )
As you can anticipate, this imposed Nuclear ports aspect of the Federal dump plan will cause rising controversy and likely difficulties & division in Whyalla & in Port Pirie – just as it is doing at Kimba and around Hawker…

Fed’s intend two shipments of irradiated / reprocessed nuclear fuel waste imports into a Port in SA in the first two years of proposed Federal nuclear dump (NRWMF) operations. These are to be 130 tonne loaded (100 tonne empty) TN81 Nuclear Canisters.
Iron Triangle cities are now in the Federal firing line over Minister Canavan’s nuclear dump plans. These communities are targeted but haven’t been consulted or engaged, aren’t being given a say in the Minister’s decision later this year, or a ‘vote’.
The Fed’s also name Port Kembla to ship out ANSTO Lucas Heights nuclear waste on to SA – especially the French reprocessed nuclear waste that came in through Port Kembla in 2015, and potentially Intermediate level reactor wastes.
The irradiated nuclear fuel waste that went out of Port Kembla on weekend required hundreds of police in tow – these intended waste shipments into SA will also. SA is unprepared for the potential consequences of nuclear waste risks & impacts…
David Noonan B.Sc., M.Env.St.
Independent Environment Campaigner
Download a copy of the brief:   SA-Nuclear-Port-Brief-August-2018