May is renewables month

It looks like the focus in May will be on renewables (other than, say, nuclear waste):

  • at 6pm monday, May 2nd, the CCSA and the Adelaide festival of ideas are having a roundtable on renewables at the Allan Scott Auditorium
    New Jobs in a Transforming Economy: A Low Carbon Future
    – Highlighting the forces of change with our simultaneous energy transition and industrial transformation.
    – Identifying the main opportunities and tensions that you would like to see explored in further detail at the 2016 Adelaide Festival of Ideas (October 21 -23).
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  • FoE Adelaide are hosting a launch of BZE’s Renewables Superpower report at the end of the month

    Renewable energy is abundant in Australia. The economic resource is estimated at over 5,000 exajoules – enough to power the world for ten years. This economic resource includes only solar and wind resources within close proximity to the transmission grid and able to generate power at a price competitive with other new power stations. This is 75 per cent more than the energy content of all Australia’s fossil energy resources.