Gasfields or our land & water

The SA govt has given $6 million of our taxpayer money to a mining company for exploratory work re unconventional gasfields in SA. Note that gas licences and projected gas licences, if they are approved, will mean gasfields on 53% of Australia i.e. 408 million hectares while only providing 2% of jobs at the same destroying jobs in tourism, and agriculture (crops, meat & vineyards). This youtube link below shows the effect on people’s lives and farming land in Australia and the USA.

It’s very worth watching and only takes 40 mins (be informed while sipping a cup of coffee or tea).

 We need energy and we can get it through wind and solar farms which, surprise surprise, provide ongoing jobs & are much less detrimental to the environment.
Do we want to affect our food and water or protect both for our future use? A simple question really.


Can you spare an hour on Saturday the 8th July? Do you want to help keep our environment clean? If so please join us at the Water4Life roadside action on the corner of Glen Osmond and Greenhill Roads (parklands side) from 10.30am to 11.30am

 Writing to your MP is also useful. We need to let our MPs know what we want & where our votes will go. (Our MPs are our employees – we pay them, right?)

Money All gas mined will be exported, so we get it at a buy back deal where the price to us will be linked to global prices, not local prices. Hence price of our gas will go up in the next few years. 84% of mining profits go to overseas shareholders. Most income from mining fields go to pubs & property owners re increased rent.  But the affiliated loss of income to farmers is horrendous eg one farmer explained that his farm is his super – this will be affected by a gasfield near his place. There are also fly in fly out people who take their money with them.