Feds Going After Our Tax Status: Act Now!

You have probably heard that the federal gov is having another go at the tax status of green groups, including FoE Australia. This time through a discussion paper from Treasury. A number of the nasty recommendations from the House of Reps inquiry are included in this.
It would be great if individual people could send a submission (template here: http://www.foe.org.au/here_we_go_again_dgr_dot_points )
If you have allies in ANY other organisations please ask them to write a submission – unions, churches, aid groups, welfare orgs, footy clubs, etc etc. We really need maximum numbers of submissions on this one. And if you have any prominent allies please tell them about this risk.

This is probably the Coalition’s last chance to damage green groups before the next election so we have to expect they will pursue it vigorously. We need a major mobilisation to defeat it.

There is background info available here: http://www.foe.org.au/here_we_go_againSubmissions need to be in by July 14.