Environmentalist = terrorist according to government leaflet

You might have seen some of the reports about a new government leaflet talking about radicalisation; here’s what the Guardian said about it::

The Australian government has used an environmental activist who became involved in the “alternative music scene” as an example of violent extremism, in a booklet aimed at helping teachers identify students who are becoming radicalised and linked to terrorism.

The Radicalisation Awareness Kit was launched this week by Michael Keenan, the justice minister and minister assisting the prime minister on counter-terrorism, to help teachers look out for signs of radicalisation in their students.

The booklet warns that people can become motivated to be violent by particular ideologies such as “environmental or economic concerns, or ethnic or separatist causes”.

I particularly like the mention of the “alternative music scene”…

One would have hoped that the removal of Abbott would curb such nonsense…