Chip in to help fund Indigenous Land Rights

FOE’s former nuclear campaigner Nectaria Calan invites us to contribute to Adnyamathanha woman Leslie Coulthard travelling to South America for an Indigenous Land Rights exchange. Every little bit helps.

Mapuche Aboriginal Exchange Gofundme link

Nectaria writes:

“The Mapuche Aboriginal exchange is coming up in February this year, and although the organising collective has been tirelessly fundraising for over a year, they cannot completely fund all participants. They have allocated half of the money needed per participant ($1400) for Adnyamathanha woman and current Australian Nuclear Free Alliance committee member Leslie Coulthard to participate, so I am looking to raise another $1400 fund her trip. Over the years the Adyamathanha have faced various threats to their lands, from uranium mines (Arkaroola and Beverley) to the current proposal for an underground coal gasification project at Leigh Creek. The Adnyamathanha have always stood strong in protecting country and it would be very special if a community member could travel to Chile for this historic cultural exchange, which will see Aboriginal and other first nations peoples hosted by a Mapuche community for two weeks. This kind of face to face exchange is invaluable for building global solidarity between indigenous peoples facing common threats to country. Please help make this happen.

More info on the exchange program here on Facebook:

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