Busting nuclear myths – flyer

Our campaigner Nectaria has created a flyer busting nuclear myths:

1. The new generation (Gen IV) of nuclear reactors supposedly designed to recycle nuclear waste don’t exist!

2. Nuclear is not the only alternative to coal for baseload power – a mix of renewable energy and demand management can provide continuous power.

3. There is no nuclear renaissance – nuclear power is in decline world wide.

4. An expansion of the nuclear industry would not be good for the economy – see flyer for reasons.

5. Nuclear energy is not zero carbon when it comes to climate change.

6. We can’t guarantee isolation of high level radioactive waste from the environment for 200,000 years – there is no operating dump for high level waste anywhere in the world.

Links to the PDF:

Nuclear Mythbuster Flyer

Nuclear Mythbuster Flyer with References

Nectaria has finished with us now and we would like to thank her for all her hard work and wish her all the best in the future especially with the Lizard’s Revenge Protestival next July.