BHP-Billiton AGM Public Action Nov 20th

BHP’s Annual General Meeting will be held in Adelaide at the Entertainment Centre 98 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 20th November 2015.

Join us from 9-10:30am to voice your support for the brave community voices heading into the AGM with support from BHP Shareholder for social responsibility to ask the hard questions about environmental destructions, community consultation, lack of responsibility and future risks.

A huge 2/3rds of the worlds uranium will be supplied by Roxby Downs. The uranium that fueled the Fukishima disaster originated from Olympic dam. That same uranium is now poisoning innocent people in Japan.

Protest BHP’s shocking human rights abuses in Australia and internationally and its disgraceful environmental record.

Bhp Billiton is the largest diversified resource mining company in the world and the largest company in Australia by market capitalization. With support from governments this multinational a long history of human rights abuses, labour rights abuses, relocation of communities, mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples, destruction of sacred sites, devastating impacts on food and water, climate change, use of paramilitaries, health concerns, irresponsible tailings disposal procedures and questionable corporate social responsibility practices.

BHP Billiton has the opportunity to begin a transition out of dirty energy minerals (oil, uranium and coal) Instead they are at the forefront of expanding these industries, leaving a toxic legacy for our future generations whilst 85% of their profits go offshore.

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