Feb 2015 Nuclear Free Strategy and Campaign Planning Meeting in Melbourne

February 19-21, Melbourne

More information / register to attend:

Thursday 19: mia.pepper@ccwa.org.au

Friday 20 and Saturday 21: natwasley@gmail.com

Nuclear free friends and campaign supporters, 

The annual nuclear free strategy meeting will be held February 20-21 in Melbourne to discuss issues ranging from uranium exploration/ mining to mine rehabilitation, nuclear weapons, radioactive waste management, radiation and health.

This will be preceded by a day of planning on Thursday February 19 that will focus on specific uranium proposals and projects.

The meetings are open for anyone active in nuclear free campaigns or interested in becoming more involved this year.

2015 will throw up a range of challenges for the nuclear free movement in Australia and also some good opportunities to highlight problems and promote environmentally and socially just solutions to land use, economic development in remote areas and energy production.

The draft agendas for the meetings are available. These have been formed and discussed by working groups over the last couple of months and also on the monthly national phone link ups.

For most sessions over the weekend the format will involve a short opening presentation from a campaigner or specialist working or researching the topic followed by lots of time for questions, discussion and planning for the year ahead.

Short briefing papers on the range of topics to be discussed will be circulated ahead of the meeting- please let me know if you are coming so you can be sent these by email to help prepare for the weekend.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on the agenda please send this through as soon as possible so it can be considered.

Also please note that some sessions may change if opening presenters are unavailable. Once we have a list of attendees we will contact everyone to organise facilitation and note-taking roles over the weekend.

If you have any questions or would like to register to attend please contact me via natwasley@gmail.com or on 0429 900 774. There is no charge to attend the meetings, but interstate participants will need to organise their own travel and accommodation, as well as meals. Some tea, coffee and snacks will be available via donation.

Please circulate this email to interested friends and colleagues and I hope to see you in Melbourne for the meetings.


Natalie Wasley

To assist with facilitator preparation for the strategy meeting please take a few minutes to fill out the short online survey linked below.

What do you think about the nuclear free movement in Australia?

The nuclear free movement has been around for a very long time, we are really keen to hear your thoughts about the movement to help us grow and change and adapt. Your time is so much appreciated and will help towards creating a nuclear free future. Follow this link to take this quick and easy survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8SS3LVX

Why will 2015 be a busy year for the nuclear free movement?

The federal government is steadily progressing plans for uranium sales to India, with plans for other new customer countries including United Arab Emirates in the wings. Combined with restart of reactors in Japan, some hopeful market analysis, and continued federal and state support for the industry, the domestic uranium exploration and mining industry is slated to further expand. Environmental and worker safety regulations remain lax and there are renewed calls for development of nuclear power in Australia.

Radioactive waste management has shifted into a new phase after the Muckaty victory, with a national site nomination/selection process beginning in March, incorporating a series of public consultations.

At the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons last December, the Austrian Pledge was put forward, which furthers the push for States to commit to a negotiating process for an international nuclear weapons ban.

Strong community led campaigns across the country continue to challenge nuclear industry developments and link up with stakeholders and supporters across different sectors- and countries. Two state elections (NSW and Qld) and the national ALP conference in 2015 will provide a chance for nuclear issues to be raised and discussed in the public (political) arena.

Beyond Nuclear Initiative


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