Why you should come to the Anti-Dump Rally dec 2nd

On 7th June 2017 Premier Weatherill announced that he now considers the international high level nuclear waste dump is dead.

One down, one to go!

Our state still faces a low and intermediate nuclear waste dump proposal. In the lead up to the SA state election in March, we need to send a strong message to politicians to make it clear that SA will not be the radioactive dump state. 

The Federal Government has three sites currently under consideration in South Australia – one at Barndioota in the Flinders Ranges and two in Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula. 

Radioactive Nuclear waste dumps for non-SA wastes are illegal in SA. In response to earlier moves to dump waste in SA, Parliament passed a law to say No: the Nuclear Waste Facility (Prohibition) Act 2000. The objects of this Act are “to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of South Australia and to protect the environment in which they live by prohibiting the establishment of certain nuclear waste storage facilities in this state.”

The federal government’s proposal is for permanent disposal of low level waste and for long term interim storage of intermediate level waste, with no plan for its permanent disposal.  

The waste can and should remain secured and monitored at ANSTO’s Lucas Heights reactor, where most of it is produced, until a dedicated public review of the full range of options for waste management is carried out. The focus needs to shift from targeting SA to establishing a fair, open and responsible process for the management of Australia’s most hazardous waste.

We need your support.  Come along, and bring your friends!

Dump the Dump!



Saturday Dec 2, 2017, 11 am

Parliament House, North Tce, Adelaide, Kaurna Land.

Family friendly event. Bring your friends!

Sign the petition: www.nodumpalliance.org.au/sign_the_petition_no_dump

Check out the website: www.dontdumponsa.net
for more ways to get involved and support the campaign.