Vote for a Solar Thermal Power Station in Pt Augusta

Repower Pt Augusta invite you to take the following actions to let politicians know you want more clean energy in SA and a solar thermal power plant in Pt Augusta is the ideal way to achieve it.

“The Repower Port Augusta Alliance has developed a solid proposal to replace the coal plants with 6 solar thermal plants and 95 wind turbines. This will create 1800 jobs, save 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health of the local community and ensure energy security and stable electricity prices.

“The local community, the council and local businesses all want solar – but to make this happen we need the support of the Premier and the Federal Government. Join the Alliance in calling for a solar future for South Australia.

“Jay Weatherill is deciding whether to buy the South Australian Government’s power from solar thermal, or gas.This is the strongest lever Jay has to make solar thermal happen, creating new jobs and on-demand clean power for SA & he’s expected to announce his decision by June 2017.

“That’s why we’re holding a statewide vote – do you want Jay Weatherill to back solar thermal for Port Augusta or gas? Vote now and share with your friends to send the Premier a message!”

Please also use this template to send an email to your local MP. Enter your postcode and your MP is automatically chosen.


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From the Repower Pt Augusta website:

“Solar and wind rising to the challenge”

“Renewable energy think tank Beyond Zero Emissions have demonstrated the opportunity for Port Augusta to become a renewable energy power hub.

Repowering Port Augusta is a strategic plan to replace the emissions intensive Northern and Playford B brown coal power plants at Port Augusta with renewable energy. This proposal would help Australia to take advantage of our natural competitive advantage of abundant solar energy. It would enable South Australia to become a world leader in renewable energy, and Port Augusta would become an iconic global hub for baseload solar power generation.

“Six solar thermal power towers and ninety wind turbines would replace these power plants and provide secure, affordable electricity to South Australia and the Eastern Australian grid.

“The 760 megawatts that was until recently supplied by Playford B and Northern can be replaced by 6 concentrated solar thermal plants and 95 wind turbines.”