Trans-Pacific Partnership rejected by the Senate in their inquiry report

We have had some good news from the Senate Inquiry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership. AFTINET (Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network Inc) have been campaigning against the TPP for years. You can join up to receive AFTINET updates here:

Friends of the Earth Australia is a member of AFTINET.

The AFTINET website reports:

“One of our big campaign wins last year was getting a Senate inquiry into the TPP.

“The report has now been released and it’s another victory for fair trade. In it, Labor said the failed TPP’s implementing legislation should be deferred, since the US’ withdrawal killed the deal. The Greens and the Nick Xenophon team have consistently rejected the TPP.

“This means that the Government cannot pass the TPP legislation, because Labor, the Greens and Nick Xenophon team have a majority in the Senate.

“The report also reflected many of our criticisms of the TPP.

“This is another victory in our seven-year campaign, and will help to ensure that the TPP is not used as a bad model for future trade agreements like the RCEP.

“You can read more in our media release.