Trans-Pacific Partnership campaign request

Fair Food Adelaide’s March Against Monsanto project invite you to take action about the Trans-Pacific Partnership  by emailing Trade Minister Andew Robb.

The Trans Pacific Partnership campaign by Getup asks you to please consider writing a quick email to Trade Minister Andrew Robb: tell him not to sign.

The Trans Pacific Partnership  will allow corporations to sue the government

  • if they don’t like our food labelling,
  • if they don’t like our ban on GM in foods over 1%,
  • if they don’t like SA’s GM moratorium,
  • if they don’t like us banning gas fracking of farmlands and wilderness
  • if any legislation interferes with their business plans

The TPP will make medicines vastly more expensive and generally undermine Australia’s sovereignty.  Our federal, state and local governments will be beholden to foreign multinationals when writing our laws through fear of being sued.

Link to the Getup Campaign:

“New leaks revealed recently by Wikileaks suggest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) looks as bad as we feared – if the leaks are true, foreign companies could take legal action against Australian governments for making regulations in the interests of protecting our environment or food safety. This deal stands a real chance of putting our sovereignty and democracy at risk”.

“In this interview last week, Trade Minister Robb suggests he hasn’t heard from many Australians who are concerned – even though more than 80,000 of us have taken action so far. Let’s show him just how many of us are concerned about the TPP”.

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