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Make a quick submission to AVPMA about Roundup being found to be a potential carcinogen by the WHO

Please make a brief email submission to the APVMA Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority asking them to take notice of the World Health Organisations findings that glyphosate (Roundup) is a potential carcinogen. This is being organised by Friends of the Earth Melbourne.

Link to make an easy submission here

Roundup is widely used for weed control around the world, especially in home gardens and by councils. It is also used on GM crops and to help non GM crops around harvest time.

From the FOE Melbourne website:

Last year the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – declared glyphosate – the main ingredient in the herbicide RoundUp – a probable carcinogen. We hoped that the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) – would intervene to protect our health. It hasn’t.

The APVMA has decided not to review its current approval for glyphosate because it claims to know better than the specialised cancer agency of the World Health Organisation. Why so? Because it has access to unpublished industry data that has never been subject to peer review and that regulators refuse to make public!

Who trusts the word of giant chemical companies over the World Health Organisation?

Monsanto has made enormous profits from virtually unrestricted use of glyphosate and now the truth has come out. Monsanto has lied to us again – and the APVMA must stop supporting an industry that is putting all of us at unnecessary risk.

Contact us if you need help with your submission adelaide.office@foe.org.au… Read more >>

Seed Freedom Food Festival 24 September

Saturday 24 September, 10am – 4pm.
@ 1 Holland St, Adelaide 5000
(in ‘The Market Shed’ space).

SFFF2016 is your festival for celebration, inspiration and information on organic food, local food, growing your own food and the need to save seed!
‘Lettuce’ offer you all the tools for how, and why, to grow your own organic food, save your own seeds and support those in your local community doing the same.

$4 entry (children free) gains you access to 3 stages of 20 FREE WORKSHOPS & SPEAKERS (no need to book, Program will be released soon) plus an all day music stage.
As well as our infamous huge SEED SWAP, FOOD SWAP and GARDEN GEAR SWAP, local gardening stalls, lush organic food stalls, community group stalls, a KIDS SPROUT SPACE and kids workshops, seed displays, seed mandala co-creation and a whole lot of heart right in the middle of the city.

So start gathering your seeds and gardening goodies to swap and look forward to growing & thriving with you soon.

* Native seed collection and propagation – Neville Bonney
* Knowing, growing, eating Edible Native Bush Foods – Neville Bonney
* Making and using compost! – Tim Marshall
* Plant Propagation, success with seeds & more – Karen Montgomery
* Fermentation, get cultured! – Remedy Bliss
* The unexpected uses of cottage plants – Bev Lane
* Ethical Foraging – Bev Lane
* Seed Saving how to – Steven Hoepfner
* Building healthy soils for healthy plants and people – Nat Wiseman
* Getting to know the Heart and Soul of Australian Natives – Edmund Gooden

* Gardening Woes 101 with Sophie Thomson!
* Growing for the Future – Annemarie Brookman
* Native Bees in your garden – Jenny Deans
* Why Biodynamics & organic health – Dr.… Read more >>

Petition: No New GMOs through to back door

Please sign Friends of the Earth’s petition to Fiona Nash Assistant Minister for Health against ‘new’ GMO techniques. Include your street address and ask for a written reply.


Big agrochemical chemical companies are trying to sneak crops derived from a range of new genetic modification (GM) techniques into our food chain without safety testing or labelling. And our regulators – Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) – seem only too happy to help them!

New GM techniques such as oligo-directed mutagenesis, zinc finger nucleases and CRISPR pose the same risks as older GM techniques and need to be assessed for safety before they are allowed in our food. They should also be labelled to protect choice for farmers, food producers and consumers.

Most Australians don’t want to eat GM food and it’s high time our regulators stopped letting industry write the rules for them.… Read more >>

Protect SA’s clean green quality food and wine reputation!

The SA government is asking for input on how to grow SA’s reputation for quality food and wine.

Let them know that two good ways are to keep the ban on a nuclear waste dump, extend the moratorium on GM crops permanently and ban GM trial crops.

Call or make an online comment – details below.

Tell us how you think we can grow South Australia’s reputation as the nation’s food and wine state.

The third GOVchat provides you with an opportunity to let us know what your ideas are on enhancing South Australia’s reputation as the nation’s food and wine state.

This GOVchat provides you with direct access to these decision makers:

  • Hon. Leon Bignell, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
  • Hon. Geoff Brock, Minister for Regional Development
  • Chief Executives
  • Executive Directors
  • Our Premium Food and Wine Ambassadors including Paul Henry, Simon Bryant, Rosa Matto, Gareth Lewis and Mark Laucke.

Seeking your ideas

On 25 November 2015, between 5:30pm and 7:30pm we want to hear from you! 

Call 1800 216 506 to share your ideas – call up at a time that suits you within the two hour window.

If you can’t call us on the night, you can add your ideas to the online discussion.… Read more >>