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Federal government meets with Flinders Ranges people re national waste dump proposal

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science will hold a community meeting in Hawker, Flinders Ranges to “provide information on the National Radioactive Waste Management Project”.

Friday 6 May 7pm Institute Hall Hawker


FOE Adelaide members will be in attendance at this meeting.

Hawker meeting

Invitation: The GM-Free Australia Alliance (GMFAA) April 2-4 in Melbourne

Friends of the Earth are a member group of the GM-Free Australia Alliance.

The GM-Free Australia Alliance (GMFAA) would like to extend you a warm invitation to attend the 9th Annual GMFAA Conference in Melbourne, 2nd-4th April.
As global GMO and chemical conglomerates consolidate their grip on farming and seed ownership, our networks are gaining strength to combat their hold over the future of food on our planet.
Seed saving, community gardening, food hubs, regenerative agriculture and indigenous food movements are growing and gaining popularity.
That is why strategic work like ours is so important.
The Alliance brings together campaigners from Foodwatch WA, SAGFIN, Gene Ethics, MADGE and Friends of the Earth with activists based in the Pacific and New Zealand.
Topics covered will include:
· Creating glyphosate-free spaces.

· GM-free food labelling, the GM-Free Shopping list and using social media to promote GM-Free food choices.

GM-free zones and the right to farm GM-Free.

· World-wide threat : New GM techniques are escaping regulation.

· How the industrial food system drives climate change.

· Solidarity with indigenous groups – protecting our region, seeds and food production from climate disasters and biopiracy.

****************************************************************************************************** Keynote Discussion:
10am to 12.00 on Sunday 3rd April at the Green Building
Networking Cool Food Futures – an invitation to join forces – with Nick Rose, Sustain and Fran Murrell, MADGE

Social night :
7pm on Monday 4th April at Friends of the Earth, 312 Smith St, Collingwood.
Snacks, skits and GM-free songs. GMFAA fundraiser.


The GMFAA Conference will be held at the Green Building, 60 Leicester St, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia.


Please RSVP and we will send the full Agenda for the weekend.

More info : GMFAA Co-ordinator Jessica Harrison 0407307231
GM-Free Australia Alliance Inc www.gmfreeaustralia.org.au…

Punx Against Plutonium #2 – Lizard Bites Back Fundraiser Dec 18

Punx Against Plutonium is on again as part of the Adelaide Punx Weekender. Adelaide and Melbourne punks are coming together to support the anti-nuclear struggle. Celebrate the ongoing resistance to the nuclear industry with relentless sounds.  List of bands on the Facekbook event page.

Worldsend Hotel 208 Hindley St

December 18th 7:30 pm till late


All proceeds go to upcoming anti-nuclear protest/ festival Lizard Bites Back to be held at the gates of hell (Olympic Dam uranium mine) in July 2016 – http://lizardbitesback.net/


Irati Wanti nuclear waste free SA exhibition 15 October

Dear Friend of the Irati Wanti campaign,

Emily Munyungka Austin, Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta, and Karina Lester, granddaughter of Eileen Kampakuta Brown, invite you to attend a special event:

Talking Straight Out: Images and insights from the campaign that stopped South Australia from becoming a nuclear waste dump.

The Lyrics Room, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, Kaurna Land

Thursday 15 October, 2015

Doors open at 5pm, Inma, stories and speakers from 6pm

irati wanti

October 15, 2015 marks 62 years since the first atomic bomb test at Emu Junction, South Australia.  The Kungka Tjuta remember, “All of us were living when the Government used the country for the bomb.  Everybody got sick… They thought they knew what they were doing then…

In February 1998 the federal government announced its plan to build a national radioactive waste dump in the South Australian desert. In March a council of senior Aboriginal women from Coober Pedy, the Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta, made an announcement of their own. “We say no radioactive waste dump in our ngura—in our country.”

For six years the women travelled the country, talking straight out.  They called their campaign Irati Wanti. “We all say enough is enough. Irati wanti—the poison leave it.”

They explained, they demanded, they marched and sang.  They told of extraordinary personal histories.  They worked with greenies and wrote passionate letters to politicians.

They won.

They published a book to share these stories with you. Now we are sharing them again.

There is talk again about radioactive waste dumps in South Australia. When word got to Coober Pedy, women again got together to talk, “We know the stories from the bomb. We know the history. We know the country. And it is crying for us. We will talk over and over and we won’t stop.Read more >>