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FOE Australia tracks the Nuclear Royal Commission

In addition to our local Anti-Nuclear/Pro-Renewables campaign, you can keep an eye on Friends of the Earth Australia’s website for updates – thanks to our national Nuclear Campaigner Dr Jim Green. http://www.foe.org.au/royal-commission If you’d like to be on our local…
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FoE Adelaide Annual Report 2014/15

Friends of the Earth Adelaide has two main collectives.  The Fair Food Adelaide collective works on food sovereignty issues including March Against Monsanto, and the Clean Futures Collective focuses on Mining and Energy; and is pro-renewables, anti-nuclear and anti-fracking. Fair…
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Media Release: Nuclear is the wrong direction for SA

MEDIA RELEASE     13 August 2015 Three leading environmental organisations – Conservation SA, the Australian Conservation Foundation and Friends of the Earth, Australia – have submitted a detailed joint submission to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission which forensically details…
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