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Donate to help Aboriginal people fight the Flinders nuclear dump

You are invited to donate to a gofund me account set up by by Adnyamathanha woman Regina McKenzie of Yappala Station near Hawker in the Flinders Ranges – she lives right next to the nuclear waste dump proposed location.

The site is approximately 35 km from Hawker. Hawker is approximately 1.5 hours drive north of Pt Augusta on the highway to Leigh Creek. Total of 4.5 hours north of Adelaide.

Please feel invited to donate to Regina: GoFundMe

“There are old ancient stories set deep in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. In a place called Barndioota, once part of a thriving trade route across Australia, archaeological evidence brings to life ancient stories, millennia old songlines that teach us about the land and its people.

“The first one to ever be registered in the South Australian Aboriginal Heritage AARD database is the story of Punga Pudinah.

“Using modern archaeological tools the story was verified as culturally important at the specific location of Barndioota.

“The South Australian Government plans to locate a nuclear waste dump at Barndioota – this will be devastating not only to this ancient culture but also to the vastly important ground water supply in the region. A region that sits at the edge of the desert in Australia’s Outback.

“The irony is South Australia’s Tourism Commission wants you to visit! It is indeed a beautiful place – check it out.

“We need to raise funds to stop the nuclear waste dump in the Flinders Ranges. The proposed site is near the beautiful Hookina waterhole, known by Aboriginal people as Punga Pudinah.

“Water is the most precious resource out here at the edge of the desert. A spill or leakage of nuclear waste into the ground water will devastate the are area.

“Please read: http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/fact-sheets/radwaste.html

“High-level wastes are hazardous because they produce fatal radiation doses during short periods of direct exposure.… Read more >>

BZE Renewable Superpower launch report back

Friends of the Earth Adelaide and Beyond Zero Emissions had a very successful launch of the Renewable Superpower report last Friday.

As reported in the Transcontinental newspaper based in Port Augusta:

“Repower Port Augusta spokesperson Lisa Lumsden, gave an address at the launch and was on the Q&A panel. Our Lisa Lumsden left the audience with the comment that she hoped Port Augusta is ready able and willing to be the hub for Australia as a renewable energy superpower.”… Read more >>

Federal government meets with Flinders Ranges people re national waste dump proposal

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science will hold a community meeting in Hawker, Flinders Ranges to “provide information on the National Radioactive Waste Management Project”.

Friday 6 May 7pm Institute Hall Hawker


FOE Adelaide members will be in attendance at this meeting.

Hawker meeting

FOE Adelaide International High Level Nuclear Waste Dump flyer

The Friends of the Earth Adelaide International High Level Nuclear Waste Dump flyer is designed to be printed in Landscape format on both sides of an A4 page and folded in half. We can supply printed copies on request.

FoE International Waste Dump flyer

For printed copies contact adelaide.office@foe.org.au or Robyn on 0423 219 096… Read more >>

Busting nuclear myths – flyer

Our campaigner Nectaria has created a flyer busting nuclear myths:

1. The new generation (Gen IV) of nuclear reactors supposedly designed to recycle nuclear waste don’t exist!

2. Nuclear is not the only alternative to coal for baseload power – a mix of renewable energy and demand management can provide continuous power.

3. There is no nuclear renaissance – nuclear power is in decline world wide.

4. An expansion of the nuclear industry would not be good for the economy – see flyer for reasons.

5. Nuclear energy is not zero carbon when it comes to climate change.

6. We can’t guarantee isolation of high level radioactive waste from the environment for 200,000 years – there is no operating dump for high level waste anywhere in the world.

Links to the PDF:

Nuclear Mythbuster Flyer

Nuclear Mythbuster Flyer with References

Nectaria has finished with us now and we would like to thank her for all her hard work and wish her all the best in the future especially with the Lizard’s Revenge Protestival next July.    … Read more >>