RALLY! Don’t Dump on SA – call for organising group members

YES! We’re still against a Nuclear Waste Dump and we want to demonstrate that there is a large section of the community, people from all walks of life, who still care about this issue.

Are you interested in contributing to the work of putting on a  ‘no dump’ rally? Regular fortnightly meetings for this group will commence this Monday 27th September at 5:30-7pm at The Joinery.

Originally, the date of 14th October was proposed by Regina Mackenzie as the anniversary of last year’s very successful rally (held while the Second Citizens’ Jury for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission was in session).  We’re thinking about an event to mark that occasion, but at this stage it appears that a rally is going ahead for 2nd December.

The organising committee for the last rally went by the name of “Don’t Dump on SA National Day of Action 2016.” It has been suggested that we change the name, but we are still  thinking about ways for raising national awareness and support as this is not just an issue for people here in SA.

The group is also planning an event in February next year in the lead up to the election.

There are quite a few things to do! If you would like to get involved, please come along to The Joinery on Monday evening.