No is Not Enough


Journalist Naomi Klein’s new book is out now; subtitled “Defeating the New Shock Politics”, it offers insights into the rise of Trump and suggests a toolkit for the resistance. In particular, she pinpoints why neocons are so actively resisting recognising the urgency of action against climate change.

“…climate change, especially at this late date, can only be dealt with through collective action that sharply curtails the behaviour of corporations such as ExxonMobil and Goldman Sachs. It demands investments in the public sphere — in new energy grids, public transit and light rail, and energy efficiency — on a scale not seen since the second world war. And that can only happen by raising taxes on the wealthy and on corporations, the very people Trump is determined to shower with the most generous tax cuts, loopholes and regulatory breaks. Responding to climate change also means giving communities the freedom to prioritize local green industries — a process which clashes directly with the corporate free trade deals that have been such an integral part of neoliberalism, and which bar “buy local” rules as protectionist.”

—  Naomi Klein, No is Not Enough, p81