Introducing our new CANE campaigner!

We are very pleased to announce that Nectaria Calan has accepted the position of Anti-Nuclear/Pro-Renewables Campaigner with the Clean Futures Collective’s Campaign Against Nuclear Expansion.
Nectaria will work with us on a part time basis over the next six months. She holds a Bachelor of International Studies (Honours) and has previously worked with us as an Anti-Nuclear Coordinator. She brings strong skills and experience in grass roots activism and media.
Nectaria is passionate about environmental issues, and strongly believes that the social and environmental problems the nuclear industry creates far outweigh those it purports to solve.  She was an organiser and spokesperson for the Lizards Revenge event, a week long protest-festival held at the gates of the Olympic Dam mine in July 2012 to raise awareness and protest the mine, its expansion, and the broader impacts of uranium.
Nectaria’s responsibilities will include:
  • – tracking activities of the SA Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission
  • – coordinating FoE responses to the Royal Commission
  • – providing the initial point-of-contact for media
  • – encouraging volunteers to join FoE CFC campaign
  • – coordinating volunteer activities
  • – liaising with other groups working on related issues
Members, donors and friends can keep up with the CANE campaign by signing up to our elist to receive meeting minutes – email