Encouraging FoE at tax time with a donation


Its tax time as the end of the financial year approaches – will you encourage our campaigning with a tax deductible donation?
Our two collectives are busy planning our campaigns and would welcome your support.
Friends of the Earth Adelaide are one of South Australia’s foremost community campaign organisations. We work to address social and environmental justice issues through community action. Friends of the Earth Adelaide has two primary campaign collectives that welcome your support!

Clean Futures Collective

Active since 2005, the Clean Futures Collective is one of South Australia’s primary campaign groups on mining, energy and nuclear issues. The collective is committed to creatively

  • promoting sustainable, socially and ecologically conscious technologies
  • supporting Indigenous communities adversely affected by the nuclear industry, particularly through uranium mining or nuclear waste dumping
  • raising public awareness about mining and energy issues
  • monitoring the activities of the nuclear industry

Passionate about justice and the health of SA’s fragile arid ecosystems, the collective coordinates Friends of the Earth’s legendary nuclear education tour: the Radioactive Exposure Tour and is a participant in the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance.

Reclaim the Food Chain

Reclaim the Food Chain draws together community members passionate about the politics and practicalities of contemporary food issues. Inspired by the concept of ‘food sovereignty’, the collective campaigns both on the environmental and social impacts of agriculture, trade and aid policy (for example, the impact of Free Trade Agreements or corporate control of food production and retailing) as well as having a strong emphasis on local, practical food production and community building. Some of our projects include:

  • The Urban Orchard homegrown fruit and vegetable exchange. A monthly neighbourhood meeting place for the exchange of surplus backyard produce, skills and knowledge.
  • The Feast of Film. An annual food and agriculture film festival, held annually showcasing some of the world’s best films on food, agriculture and community.
  • Tour de Homegrown. A community bike tour that visits inspiring examples of urban productive spaces, from private gardens to school and community gardens.
  • Research and publications on food and agriculture issues, with a practical, community focus.
  • Workshops and presentations on food security and sovereignty.

Please donate to help us continue our work.

Visit the Friends of the Earth Adelaide website http://www.adelaide.foe.org.au for more information.

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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