The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Undermining global efforts to address climate change

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-9-16-27-pmLast weekend, President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping officially signed onto the Paris Agreement on climate. Yet, President Obama is simultaneously pushing a trade agenda that directly undermines the U.S.’s ability to address climate change.

A new report from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy finds that the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) involving the U.S. and eleven Pacific Rim countries, totaling nearly 40 percent of the global economy, would benefit high greenhouse emitting industries like energy and agriculture, while restricting national and local policies that respond to climate change.

The report, The Climate Cost of Free Trade: How the TPP and other trade deals undermine the Paris climate agreement, finds that existing trade agreements and proposed new rules in the TPP would impact countries’ climate goals committed to as part of the global Paris Climate Agreement.

“There is a real blindspot for the climate within trade agreements, and particularly the TPP,” says Ben Lilliston, IATP’s Director of Climate Strategies and the report’s author. “Trade deals are driving a form of corporate-led globalization that is highly extractive of natural resources and completely ignores the damage it does to the climate. If we don’t reform our trade agreements and reject the TPP, it will be nearly impossible to reach our climate goals agreed to in Paris.”

National commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, covering sectors like energy, agriculture, and forestry, are at the heart of the Paris climate agreement. All TPP participating countries have submitted a climate plan as part of the Paris deal. Yet, the IATP report found that the TPP expands the reach of past trade deals that have struck down renewable energy programs supporting green jobs, provided agribusiness more opportunities to challenge regulations that protect farmers and consumers, and limited the ability of countries to regulate dirty energy production like coal mining, fracking, and off-shore drilling.

Defend Renewables: Yes 2 Renewables info night



6:30-8pm The Joinery 111 Franklin St Adelaide

The fossil fuel sector has mounted an aggressive attack South Australia’s renewable energy leadership in recent weeks. These interests are trying to undermine renewable energy’s reputation and intimidate states who are taking leadership, such as the ACT, Victoria, and South Australia.

The fossil fuel lobby will do anything to stop our transition to 100% renewables. They’re prepared to sacrifice South Australian jobs, investment in regional communities, and our climate to protect their own interests.

Yes 2 Renewables are ready to defend renewables… But we can’t do it alone.

Please join us for an informal campaign info night at The Joinery on Tuesday September 13. You’ll meet fellow community members who want to rollout renewables. Snacks and beverages will be available. And no prior knowledge is needed.


Attendees will find out about our strategy to defend South Australia’s renewable energy leadership, secure jobs and investment, and ramp up action on climate change.

* Leigh Ewbank, Yes 2 Renewables national coordinator
* Special guests to be announced.

Please feel free to bring family, friends, and colleagues along.

Any further questions, email

Facebook event

An evening with Professor Ross Garnaut – Battery Storage Technology

An evening with Professor Ross Garnaut
Monday 18 July 2016

In conjunction with the Resilient South Councils of Adelaide, ZEN Energy is proud to present Professor Ross Garnaut – The Paris Climate Summit and the Emerging Role of Battery Storage Technology.

Hosted at the Tonsley campus in the new Flinders University building from 7 to 9pm on Monday 18th July 2016, please join us as Professor Garnaut presents a ‘Post Paris’ debrief on what is required for the global transition to a low carbon economy. Ross will highlight which countries are performing well, what this means for Australia and the economic opportunities presented for South Australia.

What role can we play as individual home and business owners in Southern Adelaide? Richard Turner (Founder of ZEN Energy) and Anthony Garnaut will introduce the latest technologies for utilising solar energy both day and night in our homes. They will discuss how households and businesses can radically reduce their electricity costs by installing a solar power and battery storage system. The presentation will also cover financing, rebate, and tax benefit options. Deputy Mayor of Marion, Jason Veliskou, will speak on behalf of the Resilient South councils and their role in supporting community action on climate change.

Spaces for this incredible event are limited, so please ensure you RSVP here via the City of Marion website by Friday 15th of July 2016 to confirm your place.

More information on this event can also be downloaded here.…

BZE Renewable Superpower launch report back

Friends of the Earth Adelaide and Beyond Zero Emissions had a very successful launch of the Renewable Superpower report last Friday.

As reported in the Transcontinental newspaper based in Port Augusta:

“Repower Port Augusta spokesperson Lisa Lumsden, gave an address at the launch and was on the Q&A panel. Our Lisa Lumsden left the audience with the comment that she hoped Port Augusta is ready able and willing to be the hub for Australia as a renewable energy superpower.”…

Senate candidate Forum on Jobs, Justice Climate & Community

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Oaktree, The Wilderness Society, Solar Citizens, Conservation Council South Australia, Oxfam Australia, Campaign for Australian Aid, and Catholic Earthcare Australia invite you to participate in a Senate Candidate Forum on Jobs, Justice, Climate and Community on the 16th of June.  

Combatting climate change, ending extreme poverty, as well as local issues such as protecting South Australia’s beautiful coastline and providing sustainable and clean jobs for South Australians  are concerns we hear echoed throughout the community.  Developing an understanding of Australia’s role in tackling some of the biggest issues facing us today is vitally important if we are to be well informed.

Senate Candidate Forum on Jobs, Justice, Climate and Community

Thursday, 16th of June 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM
The Main Room, The Glenelg Club, Gliderol Stadium Brighton Road, Glenelg East, South Australia 5045

More details: facebook invite