Camp out on Adnyamathanha country – no nuclear waste dump 7-9 Oct


Camp Out at Cotabena!
Friday 7th – Sunday 9th October 2016

Come and meet the ancient land. Experience Adnyamathanha culture: past and present, for a nuclear free future.
Sleep under the stars, hear the stories and support the campaign to say no to a radioactive waste dump on Adnyamathanha land at Barndioota / Wallerberdina.

Venue and Logistics
Half an hour’s drive from Hawker
Flinders Ranges
South Australia
Detailed directions will be provided, and signs will guide the way.

We’ll do big meat and vegan cook-ups for Friday and Saturday night dinners, and lunch on Saturday all together. Please bring your own breakfast and snack food.
There will be one cooking fire and another hang-out fire.
Please bring your own swag/tent, torch, sun protection, fly protection, water (we’ll supply some but stay on the safe side and bring extra). More info will be coming soon to your email inbox.

Please respect camp protocol, which will be explained on site. This event is drug and alcohol free.

Let’s come together to experience and celebrate the land and Adnyamathanha culture!

Contact Details:

Regina McKenzie – 0432 483 440
Gem Romuld – 0421 955 066 /

And on Sunday

Rally at Hawker
Meet at Blue Butt Memorial Park

Speak Out Say No to a nuclear waste dump on Adnyamathanha land, Wallaberdina, Flinders Ranges, near Hawker

For more information: 0421 955 066