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Good news! Tesla signals the end for nuclear

The recent announcement by Elon Musk of a scalable battery pack to store electricity at the household or commercial generator scale at half the price of likely competitors has accelerated the demise of the old baseload coal or nuclear power stations.

Already, a NZ energy supplier has announced it will provide the Tesla Powerwall to its customers. Expect to see similar deals from Australian utilities soon.

See this article from The Conversation or for more details… Read more >>

Clean Futures Campaigner

FoE Adelaide’s Clean Futures Collective are about to employ a campaigner to keep track of the Royal Commission into Nukes & help us respond to the propaganda push from the nuclear industry. More details next issue, but note that we’re meeting Wednesdays from 4-6pm at Kappys, 1/22 Compton St, Adelaide to plan activities. Please join us if you’re interested, or want to talk over a cuppa.

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New Chain Reaction out!

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Friends of the Earth Australia: 40 years young

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(Another) attack on environment groups

Submitted by Cam Walker on Tue, 21/04/2015 – 15:41

The Coalition government is trying to silence anyone who stands up for the environment.

Some of their actions include:

  • The new Standing Committee on the Environment review of tax deductibility for environment groups listed on the Minister’s Register (see below).
  • The push by Minister Richard Colbeck for a secondary boycott ban to apply to environmental groups.
  • The recently released ‘Re:think, Better Tax system Better Australia’ discussion paper which calls for a review of the Not for Profit sector’s tax deductibility.
  • The cuts to the Environment Defenders Office (EDOs).
  • The government has axed the Grants to Voluntary Environment, Sustainability and Heritage Organisations to 150 groups in the 2014 budget. This program had bipartisan support since it was set up in the 1970s.