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No is Not Enough


Journalist Naomi Klein’s new book is out now; subtitled “Defeating the New Shock Politics”, it offers insights into the rise of Trump and suggests a toolkit for the resistance. In particular, she pinpoints why neocons are so actively resisting recognising the urgency of action against climate change.

“…climate change, especially at this late date, can only be dealt with through collective action that sharply curtails the behaviour of corporations such as ExxonMobil and Goldman Sachs. It demands investments in the public sphere — in new energy grids, public transit and light rail, and energy efficiency — on a scale not seen since the second world war. And that can only happen by raising taxes on the wealthy and on corporations, the very people Trump is determined to shower with the most generous tax cuts, loopholes and regulatory breaks. Responding to climate change also means giving communities the freedom to prioritize local green industries — a process which clashes directly with the corporate free trade deals that have been such an integral part of neoliberalism, and which bar “buy local” rules as protectionist.”

—  Naomi Klein, No is Not Enough, p81

Baseload will be large scale renewables

One day after the PM appeared to throw his support behind the development of a new coal plant for Australia – to shore up the nation’s “continuous power sources” – AGL Energy CEO Andy Vesey has delivered a couple of energy market home truths and clarifications: renewables will be the only source of new baseload energy in Australia, and coal cannot compete.

In the opening address at Australian Energy Week in Melbourne on Wednesday, Vesey said

“What’s the new baseload for us? It’s going to be large-scale renewables. It’ll be firmed up by probably open-cycle gas and, eventually, when storage comes down, that’s what it will be.”

“We don’t see anything baseload other than renewables,”

— AGL Energy CEO

Full story at RenewEconomy:

Coalition’s war on Cheap Power

“Chief scientist Alan Finkel has been trying to explain, as loudly and forcefully as he can, that wind and solar are the cheapest form of new energy. But in the Coalition, they can’t hear you scream that particular message.

It is now more than a week since the Finkel Review was unveiled – to a mix of hope, promise, disappointment and frustration. But judging by the rhetoric of the past few days, it has failed even in its most basic tests: to move the debate forward and to promote acceptance of the obvious, that new renewables are cheaper than new fossil fuels.

So much so that the review, which has been hailed as a “once in a generation” opportunity to bring Australia’s ailing energy market into the 21st Century, is now being used as an excuse to take it back to the 19th.

Despite pleading from business, the Coalition hasn’t changed its stripes at all. They are still calling for new brown coal generators in Victoria, and a new black coal generator in north Queensland.

Queensland LNP leader Tim Nicholls has promised to set the wheels in motion for new coal-fired generation in Queensland’s north “within 100 days” of winning office, and federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg has slipped back into his pre-Finkel rhetoric of blaming the states for all of the NEM’s woes.”

— Giles Parkinson, Coalition’s war on cheap power: When fools design energy policy, RenewEconomy, June 19th (our emphasis)


ACF’s “Count Me In” event in Adelaide

Dave Sweeney from the ACF writes:

Clean energy is a hot topic in South Australia right now. And it should be because it’s critical we cut pollution from climate-wrecking fuels like coal and gas and shift to clean energy from the sun and wind. We all need a liveable planet, air we can breathe and water we can drink.

But a handful of big polluting companies and their political backers don’t like South Australia championing clean energy. They’re trying to keep us handcuffed to polluting fuels.

It’s up to us to stop them.

When: Wednesday June 28 from 6-8pm
Where: Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William St, Adelaide 5000
Refreshments provided

Connect with like-minded people, hear stories from local legends and find out how you can get
involved in the Repower campaign to shift Australia to clean, renewable energy from the sun, wind
and waves.

I’ll also give you an update on our nuclear free campaign and let’s celebrate our recent
win stopping the global radioactive waste dump in the Flinders Ranges!

You’ll hear from:

– Suzanne Harter, ACF Climate Change and Clean Energy Campaigner
– Saskia Gerhardy, local legend from Willunga Environment Centre
– Katharine McBride and Kate Tolarno, ACF Murray Darling Fellows
– Dave Sweeney, ACF Nuclear Free Campaigner

There is nothing more powerful than people coming together to say, this is the world we want to
see. That’s how change happens. People like you and me, we step up, get involved and come
together to demand it.


See you there!

Dave Sweeney
Nuclear Free Campaigner