Yes2Renewables meeting Tues 13 December

Please join us at the next Yes2Renewables meeting at the Joinery 111 Franklin St Adelaide at 6:30pm on Tuesday 13 December. For more information please contact

Yes 2 Renewables: Adelaide Action Group Meeting

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South Australia is a renewable energy success story. The state is fast approaching 50% renewables and has booming solar, energy storage, and wind power sectors.

This success has made South Australia public enemy #1 for the fossil fuel lobby, who will do anything to stop our transition to 100% renewables.

In July, the fossil fuel lobby and their boosters in the media blamed renewable energy for price spikes caused by big coal and gas companies gaming the market. And in September they blamed a blackout on renewables rather than the obvious cause: a one-in-fifty-year storm.

The fossil fuel lobby is prepared to sacrifice South Australian jobs, investment in regional communities, and our climate to protect their own interests.

Since September, community members have been meeting up at The Joinery in Adelaide to kick off a grassroots campaign to defend South Australia’s renewable energy leadeship.

We’re fired up and ready for action, but we’re going to need a hand… Will you join us at the final meeting of the Yes 2 Renewables Adelaide action group?

You’ll meet fellow community members who want to rollout renewables. Snacks and beverages will be available. And no prior knowledge is needed.

Attendees will find out about our strategy to defend South Australia’s renewable energy leadership, secure jobs and investment, and ramp up action on climate change. Most importantly, we’ll start taking action together.

Please feel free to bring family, friends, and colleagues along to the info session.…

Join AYCC at the Westpac AGM Fri 9 December

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition invite you to join them for an action outside the Westpac AGM at the Convention Centre on North Terrace at 9-10am Friday 9 December.

With Turnbull giving Adani a $1billion boost, it’s really important that we make sure out banks aren’t investing in the project, so we’re hoping to get a bit of a crowd there. Below is a bit of an outline of what the action will look like, hope to see you there!

Westpac are #climatehypocrites, and it’s time their shareholders knew it! Despite receiving awards for being “the world’s most sustainable bank”, and promising not to invest in projects that would take us over 2 degrees of global warming, Westpac has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in fossil fuels and refused to rule out investing in the Adani Carmichael coal mine in Queensland, putting our future at serious risk of dangerous global warming.

Join us for some street theatre on the morning of Westpac’s AGM, where we’ll be holding an award ceremony for the bank, with the award they really deserve, for being Australia’s biggest climate hypocrites. It’ll be a fun morning, and we’ll also be flyering and engaging with shareholders as they head into the AGM.…

Vote for a Solar Thermal Power Station in Pt Augusta

Repower Pt Augusta invite you to take the following actions to let politicians know you want more clean energy in SA and a solar thermal power plant in Pt Augusta is the ideal way to achieve it.

“The Repower Port Augusta Alliance has developed a solid proposal to replace the coal plants with 6 solar thermal plants and 95 wind turbines. This will create 1800 jobs, save 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health of the local community and ensure energy security and stable electricity prices.

“The local community, the council and local businesses all want solar – but to make this happen we need the support of the Premier and the Federal Government. Join the Alliance in calling for a solar future for South Australia.

“Jay Weatherill is deciding whether to buy the South Australian Government’s power from solar thermal, or gas.This is the strongest lever Jay has to make solar thermal happen, creating new jobs and on-demand clean power for SA & he’s expected to announce his decision by June 2017.

“That’s why we’re holding a statewide vote – do you want Jay Weatherill to back solar thermal for Port Augusta or gas? Vote now and share with your friends to send the Premier a message!”

Please also use this template to send an email to your local MP. Enter your postcode and your MP is automatically chosen.


Repower Pt Augusta Facebook page

From the Repower Pt Augusta website:

“Solar and wind rising to the challenge”

“Renewable energy think tank Beyond Zero Emissions have demonstrated the opportunity for Port Augusta to become a renewable energy power hub.

Repowering Port Augusta is a strategic plan to replace the emissions intensive Northern and Playford B brown coal power plants at Port Augusta with renewable energy.…

SA Parliament report released – enquiry into unconventional gas mining

FOE Adelaide’s Clean Futures Collective welcomes the decision by SA Parliament after completion of the 2 year enquiry into unconventional gas mining in the South East of SA (Mt Gambier region). Contact us if you would like a copy of the final report emailed to you.

From the media-release-fracking-report

“After two years of work, the Natural Resources Committee has concluded its inquiry into unconventional gas in the South East of South Australia and has made its final report available, Presiding Member Hon Steph Key MP announced.

“After review of all evidence and additional research, the committee has reached the position that social licence does not yet exist for the development of an unconventional gas industry in the South East,” said Ms Key. “This has been made starkly apparent by widespread opposition from the local community and it is the overarching finding of the inquiry.”

“This is not to say unconventional gas exploration and development should never occur in the region, but that in the committee’s view, obtaining social licence is a necessary precondition to such development occurring,” Ms Key said.

“Throughout the inquiry, all evidence the committee heard, both for and against unconventional gas development, has been in the context of myriad external forces including climate change considerations, production and export price, export demand, technological advances, renewable energy growth, and very notably, public opinion,” said Ms Key.”

FOE Adelaide recognises the extensive and important work of Lock the Gate’s SA representative and Agricultural Advocate Anne Daw in achieving this outcome.…

Nuclear update – November 2016

Its been an exciting two weeks since the nuclear Citizen’s jury handed their report to the Premier:  two thirds of them did not want SA to pursue an international waste dump under any circumstances; based on concerns around its economic feasibility, lack of trust in the government, and the wishes of Traditional Owners.

Opposition Leader Steven Marshall has confirmed that the Liberal party will not support a nuclear waste dump and will not support a change in legislation to allow the government to continue pursuing the idea. The Opposition wants it to be an election issue in March 2018.

Despite this, Premier Weatherill says the government will still keep pursuing the project, though he acknowledges that it will not be possible to implement without bipartisan support. He says there should be a referendum with a final veto by Traditional Owners, but as he will need the Liberal party to support a referendum so its unclear how this will proceed.

Full information from Mr Weatherill is here.

We will continue to follow developments very closely.

We’ve kept a dossier on media articles over the last fortnight, please get in touch at if you’d like a copy emailed to you.…