Adelaide launch BZE Renewables Superpower Report

Friends of the Earth invites you to the Adelaide launch of the Renewables Superpower Report from Beyond Zero Emissions
Friday June 3rd, 7-9pm at BH2-09 Barbara Hanrahan Bldg City West, UniSA

A presentation by Dr Stephen Bygrave, BZE

The Renewable Energy Superpower presentation looks at how Australia
can harness our renewable resources to become not only self
sufficient in all our energy needs but also a globally significant renewable energy player.
The global transition to clean energy is a second chance for Australia
to leverage  an energy advantage. Our world class renewable
energy resources will be the basis of abundant, internationally low-priced energy once more.
This time it will be a sustained advantage, supporting a productive economy into the future.

The politicians

Mark Butler, ALP Shadow Minister for Environment, Climate Change & Water;
Sen Robert Simms, Australian Greens

The panel

Dr Hugh Saddler, Adjunct Associate Professor, Crawford School, ANU, energy analyst tracking our CO2 emissions;
Andrew Bray,
National Coordinator Australian Wind Alliance;
Lisa Lumsden,
from Repower Port Augusta with the latest on solar thermal;
Darrin Spinks, executive chair HeliostatSA, on their developments in SA and overseas

The discussion? Up to you! Tickets are free.

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CSIRO buries its futures forecast in fossil fuel technologies

Sophie Vorrath, writing on, notes the problems with the recent CSIRO report:

The final scenario, called Weathering the Storm, pictures a world where geopolitical instability has increased, driven by climate change and regional conflicts over access to land, food and water – all of which leads to prolonged global economic stagnation.
Under this latter, nightmarish scenario – something that may well emerge given the slow pace of decarbonisation and the rapid changes in climate – the report heralds an energy future for Australia that still revolves around fossil fuels.
“With volatility and uncertainty surrounding most industries, the energy market relies on tried and tested energy sources such as coal rather than further developing the potential of renewables,” it predicts.
“High oil and gas prices coupled with regional conflicts in oil supplying areas like the Middle East has also increased the attractiveness of coal.”
These conditions, the report says, will mean that “technologies that allow coal to replace oil or gas as a fuel will facilitate heightened demand for Australian coal.”

The full article:…

Senate candidate Forum on Jobs, Justice Climate & Community

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Oaktree, The Wilderness Society, Solar Citizens, Conservation Council South Australia, Oxfam Australia, Campaign for Australian Aid, and Catholic Earthcare Australia invite you to participate in a Senate Candidate Forum on Jobs, Justice, Climate and Community on the 16th of June.  

Combatting climate change, ending extreme poverty, as well as local issues such as protecting South Australia’s beautiful coastline and providing sustainable and clean jobs for South Australians  are concerns we hear echoed throughout the community.  Developing an understanding of Australia’s role in tackling some of the biggest issues facing us today is vitally important if we are to be well informed.

Senate Candidate Forum on Jobs, Justice, Climate and Community

Thursday, 16th of June 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM
The Main Room, The Glenelg Club, Gliderol Stadium Brighton Road, Glenelg East, South Australia 5045

More details: facebook invite

“Free trade” as corporate freedom is a threat to the planet and our freedoms

“Free trade” has substituted the freedom of the planet and its diverse species to evolve and nourish, with freedom for corporations to destroy the planet and the living economies that sustain people. The ecological and social destabilisation of the world in the last two decades is a result of the deregulation of commerce through the “free trade” agreements of the World Trade Organization, engineered and written by corporations for the benefit of corporations.

We commit ourselves to resisting the attempts to push new “free trade” agreements based on corporate rights and corporate personhood, which dismantle human rights and our democracies and constitutions. We do not recognise corporations as persons. They are legal entities that society gives permission to exist within the limits of social, ecological and ethical responsibility; corporations having responsibility for climate change are subject to the ‘polluter pays’ principle.

—- from “A New pact with the planet”, Vandana Shiva, from resurgence magazine, March/April 2016


Huge leap in solar cell efficiency

Some good news…

A University of NSW team led by Professor Martin Green and Dr Mark Keevers has reported a new world efficiency record for solar cells using unfocussed sunlight, the sort of light that falls on the rooftop solar modules on homes and businesses.

The striking part of the new record is that it is so far ahead of previous achievements – 34.5 per cent instead of 24 per cent – and is edging closer to the theoretical limits of sunlight to electricity conversion – more than three decades earlier than  predicted.

The scientists also voiced their concern about the future of solar R&D in Australia, given that much of it is made possible by funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which the Coalition wants to effectively close in all but name, end grant payments and strip $1.3 billion in legislated funding.

— Giles Parkinson, renewEconomy, may 18th. More details