FoE Submission to the Terms of Reference of the Nuclear Energy Cycle Royal Commission

The SA government is holding a Royal Commission into the nuclear fuel cycle.

On the cards is examining uranium enrichment, nuclear power and a nuclear power dump.

Our Premier Jay Weatherill says he used to be anti-nuclear but now he has an open mind as he is concerned about climate change and our state’s economy.

Friends of the Earth Adelaide joined many groups and individuals in making a submission to the Terms of Reference of the Royal Commission – please see the link.

The Conservation Council of SA is hosting community members who wish to work on the Royal Commission over the next year on Tuesdays in their new HQ at 111 Franklin St Adelaide – contact Robyn for more information

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Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Wind energy

The Senate is having yet another inquiry into wind farm energy.

Friend’s of the Earth Adelaide made a submission as its important to show there is support for renewables.  Here is a copy of our submission.

Wind Energy Senate Enquiry Submission by Friends of the Earth Adelaide 22.3.15



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Trans-Pacific Partnership campaign request

Friend’s of the Earth Adelaide’s “Fair Food Adelaide” collective’s March Against Monsanto project invite you to take action about the Trans-Pacific partnership with this request to email Trade Minister Andew Robb.

Join the Trans Pacific Partnership campaign by Getup:

Please consider writing a quick email to Trade Minister Andrew Robb using the easy form at the link; telling him not to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership which will allow corporations to sue the government if they don’t like our food labelling, sue if they don’t like our ban on GM in foods over 1%, sue if they don’t like SA’s GM moratorium,sue if they don’t like us banning gas fracking of farmlands and wilderness, it will make medicines vastly more expensive and generally undermine Australia’s sovereignty.  Our federal, state and local governments will be beholden to foreign multinationals when writing our laws through fear of being sued.

Link to the Getup Campaign:

Getup: “New leaks revealed recently by Wikileaks suggest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) looks as bad as we feared – if the leaks are true, foreign companies could take legal action against Australian governments for making regulations in the interests of protecting our environment or food safety. This deal stands a real chance of putting our sovereignty and democracy at risk”.

“In this interview last week, Trade Minister Robb suggests he hasn’t heard from many Australians who are concerned – even though more than 80,000 of us have taken action so far. Let’s show him just how many of us are concerned about the TPP”.

Bonus if you have time to view the video in Facebook.


Admin Robyn

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Students of Sustainability Conference July 8-12 Flinders University

The national Students of Sustainability conference is on again and this time in Adelaide at Flinders University 8-12 July!  Friends of the Earth just might have a surprise….

students of sustainability pic


Students of Sustainability (SoS) is the largest and longest running environmental & social justice conference in Australia and this year the conference will be in South Australia at Flinders University on Kaurna Country.

SoS is organised by students from the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN) and brings together environmentalists, social justice advocates and activists from all over the country to share ideas and action.

The five day conference will explore how we can act on environment and social justice issues and find solutions for change. A variety of workshops, forums, plenaries, excursions and plenty of entertainment will fill the program, plus all of your meals and on-campus camping are covered in the ticket price.

The broad spectrum of experiences, diverse people and activities involved, makes SoS a crucible for sharing ideas, visions, designs and goals on how to make positive change. If this sounds like your kind of scene, come and join academics, entrepreneurs, Aboriginal elders & delegates, change-makers, campaigners and students who are working together for people and planet.

REGISTER NOW at and take advantage of early bird ticket offers.

If you have any questions you can also ask them in the Facebook event page.

See you there! Robyn Wood

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RadTour gets closer..27 June – 8 July 2016

Run by Friends of the Earth, this year’s Tour will take place from Saturday June 27 to Wednesday July 8, 2015.  Contact Robyn if you would like to get involved with their Adelaide welcome around July 8th. Links below for tickets.

Radtour photo

Melbourne – Jervis Bay – Lucas Heights – Blue Mountains – Dubbo – Broken Hill – Gammon Ranges – Lake Eyre – Roxby Downs – Woomera – Adelaide – Melbourne

The costs are: concession $550 waged $750  solidarity $950



Starting in Melbourne, we’ll travel to the south coast of NSW to learn about the abandoned nuclear reactor project at Jervis Bay before visiting Australia’s controversial and only reactor at Lucas Heights. We’ll hear about historic campaigns against radiaoctive waste transport in the Blue Mountains and visit hotspots of nuclear expansion in Dubbo and Broken Hill.

Travelling through the stunning Flinders Ranges we’ll head for Arabana country, watch sunset over Lake Eyre and see the Mound Springs ? oases which are fed by the underlying Great Artesian Basin and host unique flora and fauna. Sadly, some of the Mound Springs have been adversely effected or destroyed altogether by the water intake for the Olympic Dam mine.

The Tour will visit BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam uranium mine at Roxby Downs, the largest uranium deposit in the world. The mine is a longstanding environmental and social disaster and BHP plans to trial the contentious acid heap leach mining method this year.

Continuing south to Woomera we’ll hear first-hand accounts of the British nuclear bomb tests at Maralinga and Emu Field before arriving in Adelaide right on time for the Students of Sustainability Conference, and onwards back to Melbourne.

Participants get to experience consensus decision making, desert camping and vegetarian cooking in affinity groups while travelling to some of the most beautiful and ecologically significant environments in Australia. If you’re interested in learning about the industry or anti-nuclear campaigning, the “Rad Tour” is an essential start or refresher.

The costs are: concession $550 waged $750 solidarity $950

If you’re interested in joining in the 2015 Radioactive Exposure Tour, email or you can get straight into it and REGISTER HERE:

Please note that you need to register and pay a deposit before June to secure your spot on Tour le Rad, which is a is drug and alcohol free event.

Don’t worry, there will be coffee.

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