FoE Adelaide are holding a meeting on Thursday Aug 18th at the Minor Works Building for people and groups interested in renewables. We will talk about FoE’s energy policy, invite groups to talk about what they’re doing (5mins), and if there’s enough interest, set up a regular monthly public meeting to discuss renewables (similar to the sustainability forums).

So if you’re interested in renewables, please come along at 6pm this Thursday. (Just behind bar/cafe  East of Norman on Sturt St in the city)

Exposure: Nuclear waste expo and exhibition comes to Port Augusta September 2-4.

Exposure: Nuclear waste expo and exhibition comes to Port Augusta September 2-4.

A two day community expo on nuclear waste dump plans for South Australia is coming to Port Augusta’s Institute Theatre this September.

Sessions include:

• The SA state government’s international nuclear waste dumping plans.
• The federal government’s plans to dump waste in the Flinders Ranges.
• Traditional Owners’ voices and rights.
• Radioactive impacts on people and the environment.
• The economics and impacts on our industries including tourism, farming and recreation.
• The track record of radioactive waste management / mismanagement in South Australia and globally.

Exposure 2016 opens on Friday night with ‘Talking Straight Out’, an exhibition showcasing the famous Irati Wanti campaign when Senior Aboriginal women from Coober Pedy, the Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta, took on the federal government and won. There will be a Saturday night social event and stalls throughout the weekend.

Exposure 2016 is a free event.

WHAT: Two day information expo and art exhibition
WHEN: September 2 – 4, 2016
WHERE: The Institute Theatre, 53 Commercial Rd, Port Augusta
RSVP: Conservation SA

Join the Hiroshima Day thunderclap on Twitter/Facebook

A message from Gem Romould of ICAN:

Hi all, please join the Hiroshima Day Thunderclap! It needs 100 people to work, it will disseminate Scott Ludlam’s petition to Julie Bishop via Twitter and/or Facebook, demanding Australia’s support for a ban on nuclear weapons. Marking 71 years since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and 9 respectively)…

Thunderclap link


Seventy-one years ago, the city of Hiroshima was destroyed by a US atomic bomb. Three days later, Nagasaki suffered the same devastation.

There are still 15,400 nuclear weapons in the hands of nine countries, threatening our existence every day. Nuclear weapons do not enhance our security, they undermine it.

A majority of nations are ready to change the game by negotiating a new legal instrument to outlaw nuclear weapons, in light of their catastrophic humanitarian impacts. This would place the weapon on the same footing as landmines, cluster munitions, chemical and biological weapons, which have all been banned by international treaty.

As progress continues towards this goal, we are urging the Australian Government to join the global majority of nations and support a ban. Please sign Senator Scott Ludlam’s petition to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to let her know that we expect nothing less.

A ban on nuclear weapons is necessary, effective and imminent. Join the call. …